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DPF Cleaning in Stockton. We have the premium cleaning process in the area!

getting it done


What we ask of you...

Please remove all clamps, sensors and brackets from the filter and diesel oxidation catalyst.  We do not work on the vehicles.

What we do...

To Begin, we measure your filter 3 different ways:

1.  Total weight

2.  Air flow restriction through the filter.

3.  Average cell depth based on multiple different measurements.

After Check in

Typically we remove the ash and residual soot using our cleaning process.

Next, we regenerate the filter in an oven.  Lastly, we perform a final cleaning to get 

rid of any ash accumulated from the regeneration process.

Additional Cleaning

Occasionally, we find that the filter has been contaminated with fuel , oil or water.  We have invested in an Aqueous Solution Cleaner  that enables us to clean your filter to a whole new level.  The results from this process are phenomenal.

Record keeping

Final Cleaning..

We measure the total weight of the filter and compare it to the weight when the filter first arrived 

We recheck the Air Flow restriction and compare it to the initial readings.

We remeasure the cell depth and calculate a new average.

We provide you with a printout of the results and improvements of our work.

When we are complete...

In most cases, you will need to take your vehicle to a shop to reset the onboard computer.  

There are times when the cleaning that we perform does not seem to correct the issues.  In these rare instances, you may need to enlist the help of a technician to diagnose and repair issues that are affecting the emissions system. 

WE specialize

We focus on Cleaning Diesel Particulate Filters.


At Nordberg Eco Solutions, we specialize in cleaning the ash and soot out of your diesel particulate filter.  We can assist you in setting a cleaning schedule that does not interfere with your work schedule.  


We can help you maximize your 'up time'.
We can help you maximize your fuel economy.


 By keeping your DPF clean, we help you minimize the risk of losing customers due to delayed loads.
We provide you with assessments of your filter performance and track that over time.  
 We provide you with a record of the amount of material removed from your filter.  Combined with our disposal records for the EPA, it tracks where your debris went.
In other words, we minimize your compliance exposure.