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It is about the details

Like you, Nordberg Eco Solutions, Inc. is all about the service that we deliver, day after day.  We pay attention to the details.  

Selected Partners

We have been selected by Clean Diesel Specialists, Inc. and Hug engineering  as a qualified service site for Central  California.  Why?  Because we deliver on our promises!!

Our background

After 30+ years in the transportation industry, Eric and Debbie Nordberg saw a need for a quality DPF Cleaning facility in Central California.  In 2012, Nordberg Eco Solutions was launched.  We focused on Quality, Timeliness and Affordability.  

For us, customer service always comes first.  We help you do it right the first time.

WE specialize

We focus on Cleaning Diesel Particulate Filters.


At Nordberg Eco Solutions, we specialize in cleaning the ash and soot out of your diesel particulate filter.  We can assist you in setting a cleaning schedule that does not interfere with your work schedule.  


We can help you maximize your 'up time'.
We can help you maximize your fuel economy.


 By keeping your DPF clean, we help you minimize the risk of losing customers due to delayed loads.
We provide you with assessments of your filter performance and track that over time.  
 We provide you with a record of the amount of material removed from your filter.  Combined with our disposal records for the EPA, it tracks where your debris went.
In other words, we minimize your compliance exposure.

Preventative Maintenance

At Nordberg Eco Solutions, we pride ourselves in helping you keep your rig up and running.  

Waiting for the DPF cleaning service lights to come on makes as much sense as waiting for the low oil light to let you know when it is time to service your rig.   

Nobody knows your rig like you do.  It doesn't make sense to let your rig tell you it needs service while you are enroute on a 'hot load.'  Wouldn't you rather anticipate the time and place to park your rig for service, instead of along side the highway?  As you know, DOWNTIME away from home is costly.

You need to learn how your system reacts to the duty cycle that you operate.  Every truck and route is different.  Here are a few things to watch for:
 1) Mileage.  
 2) Performance over the same or similar route.
 3) Throttle / Turbo Response.
 4) Regen Frequency.
Each of these items will give you a clue as to how well the system is working.  Then, if you like, we can help you develop a plan that will make sense for your operation.

Service Timing

Service Timing

Pick YOUR time to service your Diesel Particulate Filter.  

Make it convenient for you.  When you service your DPF directly affects your profit margin and the profit margin of your customers!!!  

Trend analysis that you need to watch:  

What is your average fuel economy?  Has it decreased on the average?  What is your oil consumption between Lube-Oil-Filter services?  Are you using coolant?  This is a red flag that should be looked at immediately.  How many miles have you driven since the unit was installed?  serviced?


Bear in mind that each time you service it, it will not restore back to 100%.

Your choice is simple.    Do you wait until your unit is down to service the filter?  Or do you set up a schedule so you don't lose customers?  

A mechanic that I have a tremendous amount of respect for put it this way:  "The filter should be serviced every six months.  If you wait for the lights to come on, you will end up with a disruption in your delivery schedule.  If you red light, you can expect to be towed.  There is $800.  Then the unit has to be removed and cleaned.  $800.  You will have probably lost a load because of it.  $800.  Here we are at $2400 without considering the customer's dissatisfaction, the driver's wages, food and lodging."  As you can see, a little planning and preventative maintenance can save you a LOT of money.

Diesel Pickups Exhaust

Heavy Duty

If you want ot "run with the Big Dogs, You have to get off the Porch".  Your diesel pick up needs exercise and hard work.  In fact, it thrives on it.  

In 2007, the diesel particulate filter (dpf) was introduced to the OEM market.  The filter is designed to remove the soot from your exhaust and it does a remarkable job of it.  In some instances, it eliminated the need for EGR emissions controls which tend to rob the engine of some of it's power.  Through it all, the DPF is still a filter and needs to be serviced on occasion.

In the consumer application, the DPF may not be run long enough or hard enough to regenerate the filter on its own.  Subsequently, it will start to plug up and require service.  We have the specialized equipment to safely regenerate the filter and de-ash it.  Our process is quite thorough and takes between 16 and 18 hours to complete.   Fortunately, it only costs a fraction of the price of a new filter.


Q: Why can't I just take the filter off and blow it out?
A:  The chemicals that are left in the filter are known to cause cancer.  If you blow it out, you put them into the air which not only defeats the purpose of the filter but is against the law as well.  We have specialized equipment that is designed to remove the soot safely from your filter.

Q:  Why can't I just take the filter off and wash it out with a hose or pressure washer?
A: In some filters, there is a material that holds the filter in place in the can.  This material, although strong, tends to dissolve and break down when you wash it out.  Improper washing of the filter will cause it to fail in short order.  Proper cleaning with the correct equipment will minimize your risk of buying a new filter.  Some factory remanufacturing processes use an aqueous solution for cleaning.  Again, the proper cleaning equipment is required.  Normally this does NOT include a pressure washer or a garden hose!!!


Q:  How do I know when to clean the filter?
 A:  The vehicle or emissions manufacturer will give you recommended guidelines for servicing the filter.  These recommendations are not set in stone as you may have a very different job than the units that were tested by the factory.  You will need to monitor your fuel and oil consumption as well as changes that you make in the duty cycle of the vehicle. 

Q:  Why do I need to clean the filter?  After all, it is supposed to clean itself when it regens.  

A:  The DPF is a filter in every sense of the word.  It's job is to scrub soot from the exhaust stream.  When you perform a regen, either passive or forced, there is always a bit of ash left in the filter.  This ash builds up over time and needs to be removed by a seperate cleaning process. 

Will it hurt my engine if I don't clean it?

Let me put it this way.  Will it hurt your engine if you don't change the other filters?  Of course it will.  It will cost you in downtime, additional fuel to regenerate the unit and potentially missed load or dissatisfied customers when the truck goes down on the side of the road.

How many times can I clean the filter?  

I have a customer that cleans his filters annually.  He has some units that have been cleaned 10 times without replacing them.


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