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Q: Why can't I just take the filter off and blow it out?
A:  The chemicals that are left in the filter are known to cause cancer.  If you blow it out, you put them into the air which not only defeats the purpose of the filter but is against the law as well.  We have specialized equipment that is designed to remove the soot safely from your filter.

Q:  Why can't I just take the filter off and wash it out with a hose or pressure washer?
A: In some filters, there is a material that holds the filter in place in the can.  This material, although strong, tends to dissolve and break down when you wash it out.  Improper washing of the filter will cause it to fail in short order.  Proper cleaning with the correct equipment will minimize your risk of buying a new filter.  Some factory remanufacturing processes use an aqueous solution for cleaning.  Again, the proper cleaning equipment is required.  Normally this does NOT include a pressure washer, car wash or a garden hose!!!


Q:  How do I know when to clean the filter?
 A:  The vehicle or emissions manufacturer will give you recommended guidelines for servicing the filter.  These recommendations are not set in stone as you may have a very different job than the units that were tested by the factory.  You will need to monitor your fuel and oil consumption as well as changes that you make in the duty cycle of the vehicle. 

Q:  Why do I need to clean the filter?  After all, it is supposed to clean itself when it regens.  

A:  The DPF is a filter in every sense of the word.  It's job is to scrub soot from the exhaust stream.  When you perform a regen, either passive or forced, there is always a bit of ash left in the filter.  This ash builds up over time and needs to be removed by a seperate cleaning process. 

Will it hurt my engine if I don't clean it?

Let me put it this way.  Will it hurt your engine if you don't change the other filters?  Of course it will.  It will cost you in downtime, additional fuel to regenerate the unit and potentially missed load or dissatisfied customers when the truck goes down on the side of the road.

How many times can I clean the filter?  

I have a customer that cleans his filters annually.  He has some units that have been cleaned 10 times without replacing them.