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DPF Cleaning in Stockton. We have the premium cleaning process in the area!

Diesel Pickups Exhaust


Heavy Duty

If you want ot "run with the Big Dogs, You have to get off the Porch".  Your diesel pick up needs exercise and hard work.  In fact, it thrives on it.  

In 2007, the diesel particulate filter (dpf) was introduced to the OEM market.  The filter is designed to remove the soot from your exhaust and it does a remarkable job of it.  In some instances, it eliminated the need for EGR emissions controls which tend to rob the engine of some of it's power.  Through it all, the DPF is still a filter and needs to be serviced on occasion.

In the consumer application, the DPF may not be run long enough or hard enough to regenerate the filter on its own.  Subsequently, it will start to plug up and require service.  We have the specialized equipment to safely regenerate the filter and de-ash it.  Our process is quite thorough and takes between 16 and 18 hours to complete.   Fortunately, it only costs a fraction of the price of a new filter.